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You’re a new home buyer.

You want a kitchen window that looks out onto your lawn, your play structure. You want security for your children. At InEugene Real Estate, we have access to every single listing. We listen and respond, and we cherish that moment of smiling satisfaction when we find you what you love.

You need single-level living, and you’re downsizing. We know the neighborhoods—the floor plans and finishes. Understand a diverse swath of available conveniences.

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You want just the right school. We know the districts and have our eyes open to test results and ears tuned to counselor reports. Your children are going to thrive, enjoy their years. We care that you care.

You are cautioned. And you deserve to be. We are your knights in shining armor. In our pack, we carry inspectors, contractors, years of experience working across the table from other local realtors. We know subtle personality traits that could affect your transaction, and we want you in the know.

You want ideas; concepts made clear. We paint the picture, highlighting details you never saw in the frame. Did you know some old sewer lines in Lane County are made of a cardboard-like substance? Let’s get that scoped. How about that a brand new roof can be installed incorrectly? Get it looked at. Does that warranty transfer? We help you identify the questions and get the answers.

Whether you’re scratching your head about a move that might never come to be, or you’ve already identified your dream home and need a safe way to the finish line, InEugene Real Estate is your choice for expert advocacy.

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