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I love College Hill! You’d never guess it was named for the advent of “Columbia College,” located on 120 acres in that area back in 1856. Now it’s just a well-populated hill, old houses and new, rising 200 feet over the valley floor with views in every direction.

At it’s western base, past Friendly St., kids bus over to Churchill High School, and for the rest they walk, bike and drive in the other direction over to Roosevelt Middle School and South Eugene High School. Whichever direction you go, you share Washington Park with the rest, a College Hill monument, featuring tennis courts, numerous sports fields, a community center, a children’s playground and water-park, you name it. The community’s enjoyable and playful memories there are countless.

With 29th Avenue and the Market of Choice shopping center to the north, 18th Avenue bordering to the south, and with Willamette Street on it’s lower east-side and to the west the strips of Monroe and Friendly Streets, College Hill enjoys a prestigious reputation as a central, elevated haven featuring a plethora of expensive, quality homes more often found amongst its heights, and a wide variety of all home types there and among it’s every elevation.

College Hill enjoys a wonderful proximity to downtown, to campus, to almost every arterial street Eugene has to offer south of the Willamette River.

Rise up, and please let us show you Eugene’s wonderful College Hill.

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