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Ferry St. Bridge is a long-standing Eugene monument. Ferry St. isn’t an official Eugene neighborhood per se, nor is coburg Rd. but many people crossing the bridge consider themselves to either be out in the Ferry st. Bridge or Coburg Rd. neighborhoods. The real names for those neighborhoods and organizations are Cal Young, and Harlow Neighborhoods. To search for houses we’re calling that large area bordered west by Delta Highway, south by the Willamette River, east by Interstate 5 and north by the Beltline, as Ferry St.

Coburg Rd. runs north/south, basically splitting this neighborhood down the middle. Parks abound, and you have the Oakway Mall shortly after crossing Ferry St. Bridge, bordered by Oakway Rd. to the south and Coburg Rd. to the east. There you have many restaurants, a large courtyard and commercial opportunities like Nordstrom, the Nike Store, Trader Joe’s and many others. Head further north and the commercial/retail corridor continues on your left and right with a slough of varied pocket-neighborhoods, until you reach Sheldon High School, one of Eugene’s most heralded teen learning institutions. Further North and you’ll enter an area called Northeast Neighbors, which finally gives to fields, Armetage Park, and further on the antique City of Coburg.

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