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This southern-most Eugene neighborhood, consisting of parks, flats and hills is one of Eugene’s largest official neighborhoods, but Amazon neighborhood to the north is quite small. In fact, East and West Amazon Streets drop through Fox Hollow neighborhood for more than half of it’s north/south arterial length.

For the purposes of our searches, and because both neighborhoods feed into the South Eugene school district, we’ll consider Fox Hollow only the hilly area to the west of Amazon Streets, rising up from the flats, passing Spencer’s Butte Middle School and wrapping around the east and south side of Spencer’s Butte itself.

Eugeneans who love living amidst tree-lined hillsides, and some who like a 5-10 minute separation from the downtown flats like making this neighborhood their home. When residents are ready to drop into town-propper, they can use Willamette (most westwardly), Donald, or Fox Hollow which leads to Hilyard.

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