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Living in Jefferson Westside

Jefferson Westside is just a hop and skip from our downtown offices at Oak and E Broadway. In fact, walk west for about 3-4 minutes and you’ll be interring the Jefferson/Westside neighborhood, known for it’s proximity to downtown, the Whiteaker neighborhood, and for being a jumping point to west Eugene, and a nearby neighbor to the College Hill and Friendly neighborhoods.

Bordered west by Chambers and east by Willamette, south by 18th Ave. and north by 7th Ave., this square-ish downtown neighborhood features some of Eugene’s oldest homes. Back when this part of Eugene was just fields, one could find the large, lone farmhouse, many of which still stand today and fit in just fine.

10th Ave. and 12th Ave. are great streets for biking east/west, and an actual bike path that cuts east/west through town goes right through Jefferson Westside. Just off the southern border of the fairgrounds (which hosts many events all year long) you’ll find the path beside the Amazon slough, where from bridges children enjoy watching families of ducks and even the interesting and prehistoric-looking nutria which make the slough their home.

Various schools are fed by this neighborhood, and for the actual school district lines please refer to our school district map.

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