Moving to Eugene, Oregon: Pros and Cons

Things to know before moving to Eugene, Oregon.

Let’s begin with a couple of cons of moving to Eugene, Oregon. To begin with, we cannot offer you traffic.
If you? re into long lines on the highways and lengthy commutes, we might not be the city for you. Hell, we can hardly offer you roads. I mean, sure – we have Interstate 5 connecting us to the swanky, culture-filled Portland up north and Ashland with it?s amazing Shakespeare Festival down south (read: close but not too close) – but otherwise we’re mostly just streets.

We do have one highway to the beautiful Oregon coast and another two up into the Cascade Mountain Range where – no matter how much it hurts, – you?ll drive to mountain-biking, hiking, skiing and snowboarding in a short, convenient amount of time with no delays. So, if you like it? stop-and-go, stop-and-go? commute, best keep looking. If you need to drive more than 20 minutes to get anywhere and everywhere, maybe pick another spot on the map and be on your way.

Next – now I’m getting embarrassed – another thing we lack in Eugene is crowds.

Do you enjoy being elbow-to-elbow when you least expect it? I ? guess we don’t really have that. I suppose you could find yourself a huge Eugene crowd if you enjoy things like watching the nationally-renowned Oregon Duck football team stomp our rivals the Beavers or even better yet catching Sabrina Ionescu – the best female basketball player ever on planet Earth – hoop for the Duck women?s basketball team.

And furthermore, come to think of it, you could surround yourself with an overwhelmingly loud crowd if you made the right decision and ended up at the Olympic track trials or the Prefontaine Classic, hosted at our new state-of-the-art Hayward Field. Or, if you got a wild hair and squeezed in Seinfeld at the Hult Center. Or enjoyed the Talking Heads, David Bryne. Or caught Cirque du Soleil on an odd Friday. Or Ani DiFranco or Trevor Noah. These are just examples of how in a town our gentle size you can?t have everything like crowds and traffic everywhere just because you want ? em. Not in the parks, not in the restaurants, however maybe if you want national acts.

What it’s like living in Eugene, Oregon?

Now, it’s not all bad here. One pro is that Eugene has a lot of names. All in the same breath you might hear Eugene called The Emerald City, Silicon Shire? or Track Town USA. I suppose one came from our breathtaking surroundings, the other from our burgeoning tech-community and the last from Phil Knight and the origins of the Nike shoe company. If you want to be a part of the Emerald City, you can use us as a base for just about every type of outdoor activity. Bird-watch, bike alongside a giant waterfall or hike forested paths of every ability level.

If Silicon Shire is more your speed, come to develop software; you?ll be in good company from gaming to communications and marketing. And finally, if it?s Track Town USA that calls to you, lace up your runners, and don’t make me feel guilty for not joining you on a three-to-five miler through one of our many maintained trail systems.
But it’s not all roses and rhododendrons (though our Hendrik’s Park has an amazing Rhodie garden). Another con? is that we’re known as a craft-beer mecca.

Eugene and its surrounding areas offer a home to an amazing variety of unique beer and high-quality wine producers, and this creates a selection issue: it?s hard to choose what to consume. I don’t always feel comfortable having to choose between a hazelnut porter, a sour ale or a lambic. Should I enjoy our now world-famous pinot noir, or give a chance to some underdog like a Malbec or Syrah I just don’t know. Heaven forbid we take a winery-tour through the gorgeous Lorane Valley. Let me pack the Prozac.

A related pro – if you could call it that – that augments issues of gustatory indecision, is that Eugene?s surrounding pastoral topography aids our thriving beverage industry by producing quality hops and offering clean water, allowing microbrewery businesses to begin their recipes with the highest-quality ingredients.

And furthermore (can you say con), what happens when the amazing farms surrounding Eugene fill our restaurants with organic everything? When master farmers have farm-to-table relationships with intrepid and creative culinary experts?

The resulting number of mouth-watering dishes available hither and yon throughout Eugene?s burgeoning restaurant scene is enough to cause the need to think up another name for Eugene! Something silly that comes after Track Town. Snack Town? And it?s enough to send couples into spirals when we sit salivating in our driveway vehicles, asking one another though hungry eyes whether we should get dreamy, steam-bun chicken tacos, no, foie-de-gras pop tarts, no, schnitzel with spaetzle, no – you decide I’m too hungry to choose and you need to start putting your shoes away when you come home!

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