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You’re a seller. Why Choose Us?

You’ve put a lot of time and energy, and love into your house. And at InEugene Real Estate we see it. We know that took a ton of work putting your yard in that condition. Or a lot of coin having it done for you. Kudos. It’s beautiful.

You want to know if we’re the right choice. We’ve done this over and over and over, dedicated to the process of leaving you satisfied. And helping you makes us happy. Please read our reviews.

You want to know whether we can get you top dollar. Our agent reviews active, pending and sold comparable listings to see what prices-per-foot are being achieved in your area and areas similar to yours.


We advertise on RMLS and associated web platforms, the market in the newspaper, our website, social media. Your house appears outside our downtown offices on an exclusive digital display on an interactive touch-screen and back-lit LED panel. Want exposure? We’ve got you covered.


You’d like to know what touch-ups, remodels, and repairs could net you the best return. We’ll walk your property with you and discuss cost vs. profit, contractors who specialize in the work we’re considering, ways to get the most bang for your buck.

Once an offer comes in, what then? What if we get more than one? At InEugene we know Eugene agents, and we know Eugene lenders. We train our agents to read between the lines. Does a $5000 bump from one offer using a discount internet broker better than a slightly lower offer using a lender with an excellent track record?

Is it likely to be smooth sailing, or are there red flags that could indicate a higher probability of stormy seas? At what point should a principal broker stop with the sailing metaphors?

At InEugene Real Estate, we pride ourselves on being advocates and guides through a complicated process full of hard-learned subtleties, not just for being excellent salespeople on your behalf.

Please call and see for yourself – Live. Work. Play.


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